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Works of many Domo artists are now available at, a largest seller of independent CDs on the web. From New Age pioneer Kitaro to Yoshida Brothers, World music to Electronica, we have selected various types music to suit your unique musical taste. Also as we announced last time, Music for Yoga is out and becoming very popular among female audiences and other yoga practitioners. So come and visit our CD Baby site and check out our catalog. You can also listen to the samples and leave comments if you like.

The Top 5 Sellers!

1. Yoshida Brothers III: Yoshida Brothers


The Yoshida Brothers – have affected nothing short of a cultural revolution with their muscular reinvention of the traditional three-stringed instrument, giving it the fiery passion of a rock guitar.

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2. Twelve Girls of Christmas: Twelve Girls Band

album coverTWELVE GIRLS BAND: Twelve Girls of Christmas

The Twelve Girls Band present their first holiday album – The Twelve Girls of Christmas – with popular favorites fusing it with the best of Chinese and Western music.

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3. Inland Sea: RIN’

album coverRIN’: Inland Sea

Influenced by a wide variety of music and artists from the West & East, Rin’ has a cross cultural sound that balances the subtlety of Japanese tradition with contemporary western styles.

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4. Test shot starfish: Test Shot Starfish

album coverTEST SHOT STARFISH: Test Shot Starfish

Sound Designer/Producers Kyle Schember & Ryan Stuit met on a film set in Los Angeles in 1999. They quickly identified their common passion for electronic music & the spark was lit that fueled the creation of Test Shot Starfish.

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5. Yoshida Brothers: Yoshida Brothers

album coverYOSHIDA BROTHERS: Yoshida Brothers

They’re revered as musical royalty. They play to sold-out crowds. They’re treated like celebrities. Their “axes” are old school. Their music is new school. They are what is new in music.

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