Music For Yoga

Music for Yoga” by various artists was released from Domo Records on February 6, 2007 and it will be featured on the FRONT PAGE of CD Baby from Wednesday, February 21st 2007!
Here is the review by CD Baby:
“Featuring such dynamic and renowned groups and artists such as Deva Premal and Kitaro, this compilation for yoga practice rivals them all. From relaxed chanting to instrumental electronic tracks, Music for Yoga presents twelve earthy and organic tracks that aid in the process of grounding oneself and opening in full awareness to ourselves and the world around us. Highlighting a full spectrum of lightness and darkness, from tracks that turn you inward to your body’s sensations to those that open your perception to where your being blends with everything else in creation, these songs are all based on an elemental, natural and fully-present concept, whether wandering into acoustic folk or resting gently within string and electronic textures. As well as being ideal for yoga, this album couldn’t be more effective for general relaxation and unwinding.” – CD Baby
To check out this record and listen to samples of ALL the tracks, click here.
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