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Rick Collingwood: Hypnosis : Weight Loss & Appetite Control

Hypnosis : Weight Loss & Appetite Control

Rick Collingwood
This program is the number one selling hypnosis audio ever produced in Australia (Certified ARIA Platinum Record - 100 000+ copies).  It has helped people all over the world to easily and automatically control what they eat, when they eat and how much they eat!  It uses a powerful formula developed by Rick Collingwood to not only lose weight easily, but to make the necessary mindset changes to keep it off permanently.

To benefit from this audio, all you have to do is listen to it once a day for 6 to 8 weeks - simple!  The audio contains a very powerful combination of spoken hypnotherapy, subliminal statements, and patented Neurosonic Frequencies designed by Rick.

These work to eliminate all your negative subconscious patterns towards food, diet & exercise, replacing them with strongly embedded new positive patterns instead.  You can than create a brand new mindset towards losing weight, making it so much easier than any other type of diet or weight loss program.

What You Can Expect...

  • ALWAYS choose the right foods & be aware of when you eat
  • ALWAYS stop eating once you're full
  • ALWAYS choose to be more active rather than inactive
  • ALWAYS have the ability to sustain your will power
  • ALWAYS be in control automatically & easily over your choices

Success Stories

"Dear Dr. Collingwood,

You are my hero!
After listening to you on Coast to Coast, I purchased your Weight Loss MP3 and have been amazed of the results.
In 2 months I have lost 20 pounds and feel in total control with no worries about what I eat."

- Joan

"I have been using your Weight Loss and Appetite Control CD for the past 4 weeks, and I am having great success with it.
I have lost 6kg so far and have no trouble curtailing my eating (which was my biggest problem)."

- Jean

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Track List

  • 01.  Introduction
  • 02.  Hypnosis
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