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Rick Collingwood: Hypnosis : Insomnia Cure

Hypnosis : Insomnia Cure

Rick Collingwood
This is a certified ‘Gold Record’ accredited album from the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) for sales over 38 000 copies.  It has literally helped thousands of people experience a good night’s sleep, and is one of the most popular & effective ‘sleep audios’ available anywhere online.

It is perfect for insomniacs to help override the things that cause insomnia like over-thinking, stress, noise, pain, discomfort, irregular work patterns & the general inability to simply ‘switch off’.  It will help introduce new ways to give you more control over your sleeping patterns permanently, even after you finish the 6-8 week course of this program.

Design to help:

  • Give you techniques to fall asleep easily
  • Calm your mind to stop over-thinking
  • Switch off to any outside noises
  • Align your emotional, mental & physical systems
  • Balance the effects of shift working
  • Remove emotional tension like fear, stress, anxiety etc.
  • Re-train your mind to adopt more normal sleeping patterns

Success Story

"Hello Rick,

I just had to get in touch to let you know how much better I am sleeping!
In honesty I didn’t expect the program to work but after 7 years of sleep problems I was getting desperate.
I did exactly as instructed, after almost 5 weeks, my sleep wasn’t much better but I kept on.  I stopped listening at the end of week 5 (plus the first 10 days so nearly week 7) and since then, I have slept each night - it’s wonderful!"

- Ros

Track List

  • 01.  Introduction
  • 02.  Hypnosis
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