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David Arkenstone: Echoes Of Light And Shadow

Echoes Of Light And Shadow

David Arkenstone

Echoes Of Light And Shadow, originally released in 2008, peaked at No. 5 on Billboards Top New Age Albums.  The album shows a more restrained and contemplative side to Arkenstone, exemplified by the melancholy of "No Rain, No Rainbows", the dreamy "Entropy" and the optimism of "Lightdance".  This album has a much more organic sound, comparable to his epic "Sketches From An American Journey".  As David put it, "There are echoes between music and art, grand intersections where painters ply their canvases and composers shepherd their notes...  There's a natural balance between day and night, as if nothing can really exist, can have its own identity, without its opposite...  Here are songs of the dark treasures of the abyss, soaring up to the sheer cliffs of bliss.  Because perhaps, if musically, we face the darkness, then also might we hear the light".

Track List

  • 01.  Secret On The Moors
  • 02.  On The Winds Of Innocence
  • 03.  Dark Star
  • 04.  Illuminations
  • 05.  No Rain, No Rainbows
  • 06.  Lightdance
  • 07.  Entropy
  • 08.  At First Light
  • 09.  Tears In The Rain
  • 10.  Drops Of Starlight
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