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Ma3: Wind Melodies

Wind Melodies


Ma3 (Mario Aphonso III) produced the arrangements in this CD in a natural and flowing way, using Greek and Persian mythology as a source of inspiration and basis for his compositions.  For each track, the listener will find a correspondent history in the folder that comes along with the CD.  Well known for his refined technique as an instrumentalist (playing Saz Baritone, Tenor, Alto and Soprano besides percussion, keyboards and effects), Ma3 distinguishes himself for his impressive live performances, be them solo or accompanied by other artists.

Track List

  • 01.  Sopro Da Manha
  • 02.  Senhor Dos Ventos
  • 03.  O Sopro Do Misericordioso
  • 04.  Melodia Dos Ventos
  • 05.  Vento Do Oriente
  • 06.  Avatar
  • 07.  Brisa Do Mar
  • 08.  Minuano
  • 09.  Vendaval De Ilusoes
  • 10.  Suite Rosa Dos Ventos
  • 11.  Pranayama
  • 12.  Sopro Da Noite
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