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Andrey Cechelero: Water World Vol. 2 : Rivers

Water World Vol. 2 : Rivers

Andrey Cechelero

Inspiring keyboard and piano melodies accompanied by natural river sounds.  A most harmonious blend of water songs and Andrey Cechelero's unmistakable talent which allows listeners for moments of total serenity.  Cechelero pays a homage to the rivers in this second volume of the Water World Collection.  It sounds like an ongoing fluid movement reaching for a sea of perfection - the soothing sounds of water layered by transparent melodies.

Track List

  • 01.  Tamisa
  • 02.  Danubio
  • 03.  Loire
  • 04.  Mississippi
  • 05.  Yangtezkiang
  • 06.  Volga
  • 07.  Nilo
  • 08.  Amazonas
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