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Danilo Tomic: Tai Chi - Songs For The Body And Mind

Tai Chi - Songs For The Body And Mind

Danilo Tomic

Shakuhashi is a traditional Japanese flute made of bamboo wood used in the Zen-Budhist monasteries for meditation purposes.  Danilo Tomic is the Brazilian successor of this art.  An awarded TV and theater track composer and also a researcher of the eastern culture, Tomic is often invited to give concerts all over the world. He has recently received a master qualification for the use of this instrument under the name Baikyo.  "The space between the Earth and the Sky is like a flute - empty, though inexhaustible - but still producing a wider range of sounds when blowed".  Tao Te King, a book on Chinese knowledge by the philosopher Lao Tse.

Track List

  • 01.  Entrada No Templo
  • 02.  Pleno Movimento
  • 03.  Espirito Dos Vales
  • 04.  Tao
  • 05.  O Chamado
  • 06.  Danca Dos Ventos
  • 07.  Ensinamento
  • 08.  O Trovao, o Sino e a Chuva
  • 09.  Zen
  • 10.  Gesto Presente
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