Rick Collingwood Hypnosis Series: Quit Smoking Now Available on iTunes

Hypnosis : Quit Smoking In 2005 this audio was featured on the popular Australian TV show ‘A Current Affair’.  In a televised trial it showed an 80% success rate for participants to give up smoking.  Originally developed in 2001, this …

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Best Instrumental Album 2012 of New Age Music World

Happy New Year to all of you! Hope you had wonderful holidays. New Age Music World just announced Best Instrumental Albums 2012. I am so honored to inform you that two of our artists Kitaro and Dennis Banks’ collaboration “Let mother …

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Let Mother Earth Speak is now available at Domo Store!!!

Finally, New Album from Kitaro in collaboration with Dennis Banks “Let Mother Earth Speak” is released today! Let Mother Earth Speak disc review has been written by New Age Music World ! Article about Let Mother Earth Speak: Music Industry News Network Dennis …

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