NEW RELEASE “Classics For The Heart Vol.3″ by Stephen Small

Domo Records presents Classics For The Heart Volume 3, a collection featuring rearrangements of popular classics by Stephen Small including selections by Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Lizst and Debussy. Stephen Small is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and arranger.  His stylistic …

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Seda Bagcan “Sufi Soul / Neyim” on iTunes Now

A light to show the path of your awakening and remembrance of the self, this third record from Bağcan is a simple, pure, deeply reflective album dedicated to the philosophy of Sufism.  Its songs are written and composed by Seda …

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Seda Bagcan “REMEMBER” on iTunes Now

Remember who you are and what you are!  Released in 2011, Remember, a more rhythmic follow-up to Sunrise, actually consists of 2 CDs.  One features 3-minute, short versions of the pieces, ideal for exercises during yoga, pilates, and fitness sessions.  …

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Seda Bagcan “SUNRISE” on iTunes

Combining Kundalini Mantra with the musical traditions of Seda’s homeland in Turkey, “SUNRISE” is quite possibly the first Turkish mantra music album, or, at least, the first mantra music which joins Turkish music sounds and oriental instruments with mantras.  With …

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NEW ARTIST – Seda Bağcan

“Healing, music, and science…” Domo is delighted to introduce our new artist, Seda Bagcan. With her unique and tender voice, this mantra singer will take you to the world of the wonderful musical journey. This is a perfect music for …

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Yukiko Haneda Rereleasing “Good Times, Bad Times” on iTunes

Available now at iTunes Store Legend of 80”s sound!   All star creative team produced. Producers Brooks Arthur, Steve Lindsey, David Foster, Dennis Lambert, Joel Dorn, Paul Anka, Humberto Gatica Phil Ramone and herself Musicians Keyboards: Pam Reswick, David Foster, Jeff …

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Thinking of You (Remastered) Pre-Order Available NOW!!

Celebrating the 15th anniversary of the Grammy Award winning album, “Thinking Of You” has come back as a newly remastered record! It is available on CD and 180-gram Vinyl. Pre-order has some exciting benefits that we have never offered before. …

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Symphony Live in Istanbul Official Release Day!

Recorded Live at the Halic Congress Center in Istanbul, Turkey over two evenings in March of 2014, Grammy and Golden Globe winning artist Kitaro’s “Symphony Live In Istanbul” is breathtaking. The album features new musical material while also including eight …

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This Weekend Only! Special Promotion for Kitaro’s Live Series!

Only 4 more days left till Kitaro’s new live album “Symphony Live in Istanbul” official release day! To celebrate this release, DomoStore is offering a special live series sale only for this weekend! Additional 10% off on top of the …

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High Quality Digital Download for Kitaro New Releases

We are proud to release 24-bit/96khz high-resolution digital audio for Kitaro’s new releases; Symphony Live In Istanbul and Thinking Of You (Remastered). 24-bit/96k high-resolution digital audio means that the songs are in high definition and it is well beyond CD quality.  …

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