Seda Bagcan “Sufi Soul / Neyim” on iTunes Now

A light to show the path of your awakening and remembrance of the self, this third record from Bağcan is a simple, pure, deeply reflective album dedicated to the philosophy of Sufism.  Its songs are written and composed by Seda …

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Seda Bagcan “SUNRISE” on iTunes

Combining Kundalini Mantra with the musical traditions of Seda’s homeland in Turkey, “SUNRISE” is quite possibly the first Turkish mantra music album, or, at least, the first mantra music which joins Turkish music sounds and oriental instruments with mantras.  With …

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NEW ARTIST – Seda Bağcan

“Healing, music, and science…” Domo is delighted to introduce our new artist, Seda Bagcan. With her unique and tender voice, this mantra singer will take you to the world of the wonderful musical journey. This is a perfect music for …

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Kitaro iTunes Sale Part.2

Following Kitaro’s albums are now on sale on iTunes by September 30th!! Do not miss this chance! “Daylight, Moonlight Live in Yakushiji” From the opening chant of the Yakushiji monks, it is apparent that this is going to be a …

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[LIMITED ITEM] KITARO Ku-Kai Deluxe Box Set Now On Sale!

This Ku-Kai box set includes Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai Vol.1 to Vol.4 in a special deluxe edition box. All four CDs have Kitaro autographs. ONLY 10 SETS AVAILABLE. [Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai Vol.1 - Vol.4] Kitaro’s Sacred Journey of Ku-kai …

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Kitaro Special Vinyl Sale Offer Will End Soon!

If you are a Kitaro music collector and haven’t got any of his vinyls yet, this is the great chance to collect them all at once with a special discounted price. All of the vinyls are the 12 Inch LP …

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Father’s Day Sale!!

Happy Father’s Day! This coming up Sunday (June 15th) is father’s day! We prepared a special Kitaro vinyl set for all fathers who love music. All vinyl purchases will come with a Kitaro’s photo All other items at are …

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New Release: Hypnosis Series by Rick Collingwood

DOMO is excited to introduce Dr. Rick Collingwood, who is one of the world’s leading professional clinical therapeutic hypnotists. Rick has been providing people all around the world with the tools to improve their lives and discover more about hypnosis …

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The Kitaro Quintessential Now On Sale!

This authorized two-disc set includes a dynamic CD that has taken Kitaro to the four corners of the globe and back again, spiritually, physically and musically.  Musical masterworks from the Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai series, Kojiki, Dream, An Ancient Journey, …

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Aco Takenaka “Dear My Land” on iTunes Now

Aco’s second album is for all who love nature.  She harmonizes her voice with the sounds of forests, winds and birds from sacred places in Japan such as Takachiho, Kumano, Aizu and Shiretoko.  Through the sounds Aco expresses the spirit …

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