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Best of Yoshida Brothers Artist: Yoshida Brothers YOSHIDA BROTHERS RELEASE NEW BEST OF SET WITH THREE ALL-NEW TRACKS. (2008) Their Music Featured on the Wildly Popular Nintendo Wii TV Spots Have Helped the Yoshidas to Capture New Fans All Around …

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Nao Watanabe Performed in Paris

Nao Watanabe performed at Japan festival in Paris from May 5th to 8th. With a theme of “Pray”, Nao and other artists/dancers from Japan introduced Japanese culture to Parisians. It was a big success and everybody enjoyed the arrival of …

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Live report on Yukiko Haneda

Yukiko Haneda, vocalist from Trio The Trip , performed in Japan. Footage of her live report were updated. Please check her vigorous singing performance. Water is wide Snow flower There is no love Check also one of her album. You …

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Jack and the Bean Stock (Short ver.) up on YouTube!

We just uploaded short version of songs from jack and the Bean Stock by Silvia Mello and Carlos Slivskin. TRACK LIST 01. Joao e o Pe De Feijao 02. A Roupa Nova Do Rei 03. A Galinha Ruiva 04. O …

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Dave Eggar, Caught In The act

Dave Eggar,a musical prodigy as a child, began playing the cello and piano at age three. By the age of seven, Dave had performed on Broadway and with the Metropolitan Opera. He debuted at Carnegie Hall at the age of …

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What is “Daruma” ?

We have record label named “Daruma”, selling many products with a printing of “Daruma” figure through our online store. Daruma also known as a Dharma doll, is a hollow, round, Japanese traditional doll modeled after Bodhidharma who was tamil monk …

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TOYO’s CAMERA depicts the life of Japanese American in the internment camp during WW2 through the eye’s of photographer named Toyo Miyatake. He captured the devastating conditions during WW II, when Japanese Americans could not belong to Japan or America. …

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Yoshida Brother’s favorite place in LA

Charismatic duo,Yoshida Brother, spend almost 4 month in LA to record their album III in LA. During their stay in LA, Yoshida Brother became addicted to In-N-Out Burger and turn into frequent goer. So if you listen to album , …

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New artist Ema & Esoh

Vocals & Er-hu Ema is a multi-talented musician and artist and also one of a very few Er-hu players in Japan. Esoh is composer, producer, & multi-instrumentalist. Esoh performs, composes, and delves into the depth of sound, looking for rhythms …

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Francy featured on Magazine in Brazil

Franci is featured on Magazine in Brazil. Her latest album was released. She put her original lyrics into one of Kitaro’s songs and singing. Click the article for more details. Domo Music Group Official Website Franci Official Website

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