Check Out Roman’s “TURN IT UP” Acoustic Version Video

Get Roman’s new single “Turn It Up” now at iTunes Store. Remix version and the official video are also available at iTunes Store.

Turn It Up SingleTurn it up

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 Turn It Up Remix


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Turn It Up Video


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Get a Chance to Win FREE Tickets for Olate Dogs Show!

Olate Dogs are now on tour! There are TWO ways to win free tickets via Olate Dogs’ facebook page!

April 30th (Sat)
@Frisco, TX – Bark in the Park Game in Frisco, TX

*TO WIN FREE TICKETS: Share a picture or video of your dog doing a trick and tag  #‎OlateDogs, #‎RuffRiders and #‎BarkInThePark!



May 4th (Wed) 7pm
@ the Lake Placid Center for the Arts in Lake Placid, NY
Buy Tickets

*TO WIN FREE TICKETS: Tag a friend on this post!

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 8.31.08 PM

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Watch Tao Of Sound’s New Music Video for “Keep Dancing”

Tao Of Sound, whose upcoming album “These Times” will be released on May 6th, just dropped the official music video for the first single “Keep Dancing”.

“Keep Dancing” features Jacob Luttrell on lead vocals, Carol Hatchett and Laura Jane on background vocals, and Kat Dyson on guitar. Directed by Ameenah Kaplan, the video includes black and white scenes of people from all over the world performing various cultural dances; it shows that no matter where we come from, music and dance are aspects of life we all enjoy.

Keep Dancing feat. Jacob Luttrell (Official Music Video)

Stay tuned for the release of “These Times”


Track List
01. These Times (feat. Beldina)
02. You Come, You Go (feat. Carol Hatchett)
03. Police & Thieves (feat. Amy Keys)
04. 20 Cents More For The Metro (feat. Davi Lorenzo)
05. Little World (feat. Laura Jane)
06. Libra
07. Sympathy Is For The Survivors (feat. Brandon Rogers)
08. Keep Dancing (feat. Jacob Luttrell)
09. I Would Be Your Slave (feat. Davi Lorenzo)
10. Virgo
11. The River (feat. Sharlotte Gibson)

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ROMAN performed in Hollywood with RICHIE SAMBORA and ORIANTHI

Roman, whose new single “Turn It Up” has just been released, performed at The Viper Room in Hollywood on April 6th.


Roman and his band started off the show with the premier of the catchy “Turn It Up”, followed by other songs such as the grungier “Make It Out Alive” amongst the lively crowd.
World renowned guitarists Richie Sambora (from Bon Jovi) and Orianthi joined them to wrap up the set with “This Town”. Check out the video below for the full song!


Roman – This Town (with Richie Sambora and Orianthi)

 Roman, Richie Sambora, and Orianthi featured on

Roman Richie and Orianthi on Extra TV's Website

Get Turn It Up on iTunes

Turn It Up Single

Turn It Up (Remix)


Turn It Up Music Video


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ROMAN’s New Single and Video “Turn It Up” at iTunes Store NOW


Get Roman’s new single “Turn It Up” now at iTunes Store! Remix version and the official video are also available at iTunes Store.


Turn It Up SingleTurn it up


 Turn It Up Remix



Turn It Up Video


See ROMAN Live for the PREMIER of His new Single and Music Video,  TURN IT UP! 

Date: April 6th (Wed)
Venue: Viper Room’s Main Stage
8852 West Sunset Blvd. | West Hollywood, CA 90069

BUY Tickets

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See Roman Live at the Viper Room on April 6th!

Roman Releases “TURN IT UP” Single on April 1st. See Him April 6th at the Viper Room in LA!

ROMAN LIVE at the Viper Room April 6


387 Music Entertainment Presents: ROMAN
April 6, 2016 at 11:00pm
Viper Room’s Main Stage – 8852 West Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA  90069



Roman Release Schedule:

1st release: Turn It Up (Radio Edit)
Turn It Up (Original Version with Rap)

2nd release: Turn It Up (Remix)

3rd release: Turn It Up (Video)


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Yukiko Haneda’s Song from “Fadista” Is Used for Youtube Web Drama

Check out the Youtube web series, Kang Fu Femmes “Kettou”. Yukiko’s original song  “Shipwreck” is used during the show. She also did the narration.




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New Artist ROMAN’s U.S. Debut Single in April

Turn it up

See ROMAN Live at LA’s Famed Viper Room in West Hollywood, California on April 6, 2016 for the PREMIER of HIS new Single and Music Video!!

387 Music Entertainment Presents: ROMAN
April 6, 2016 at 11:00pm
Viper Room’s Main Stage – 8852 West Sunset Blvd. West Hollywood, CA  90069


With a natural raspy voice reminiscent of Brian Adams, Rod Stewart and Don Henley, Roman’s first exciting and energized US single “TURN IT UP” is set for an April 2016 release on Domo Music Group.

Originally born in the small Russian town of Gorky, Roman grew up in Moscow. He’s performed with a who’s who of international musicians including Chris Slade (AC/DC), Tim Ripper Owens (Judas Priest), Kerri Kelli (Alice Cooper, Slash Snake’s Pit) Chris Holmes (W.A.S.P, L.A. Guns), Rudy Sarzo (Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake), and Teddy “Zigzig” Angreadis (Gun N’ Roses, Chuck Berry). He wrote and performed an original song for the Olympics in Sochi 2014 with a symphonic orchestra and Yuri Bashmet — one of most respected classical musicians in the world.

Invited to Los Angeles by a music-management company to front a rock band, Troy Harley, Roman has performed on the Warped Tour in over 40 US cities and Canada. He has also toured with “Nickelback” in Russia and Belarus.

In 2015, Roman began working with Grammy songwriter-producer Thomas Marolda (Imagine Dragons, Killers, Bon Jovi Cher) in Los Angeles. Through that association, he began collaborating with Richie Sambora (Bon Jovi), Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons) and has now completed recording numerous original songs with producer Marolda. He’s rehearsing with his full band for upcoming shows and a tour while the release of his first single, TURN IT UP will occur in April of this year. He’s building his fanbase and raising his profile to coincide with a proposed Richie Sambora, Orianthi tour of the states and world. Endorsed by the Ernie ball (Music man), Mesa Boogie guitar companies Roman was the face of fashion companies “Suck” as (Ray Ban, Jaen Paul Gaultier, Philip Plein). Of late, Roman has also been working as composer for selective Russian TV Series and movies.

As a member of the most popular boy band in Russia called “Chelsea,” Roman performed over 400 shows with “Chelsea” around the world Russia, USA, Europe, Olympics Beijing, UEFA Uero Socer cup in Munich. He’s been showered in praise, having received 3 Russian Grammy Awards, a “ZD” Award for Best Band, a “ZD” Award for the sexiest man in Music and was named the “Most Talked-about Person in Music“ by MTV Russia. Roman received MTV Russian Music Award Nominee as “Best New Band” and in 2011 participated in the number one TV Show “Star Factory” Best of The Best and took 2nd place.

With a father who was a manager and producer of a famous 90’s pop star in Russia, young Roman grew up back stage with musicians on tour in a show-business environment. After graduating from the Humanitarian University of Moscow, the aspiring rocker became a finalist on the highest rated TV show “Star Factory” 6. Hot off that recognition, Roman recorded duets with the Scorpions, and the Swiss rock band Gotthard.

In addition to the release of the new track, Roman is currently in the studio with legendary producer Bob Rock who is at the production helm for the song “WE AIN’T GIVNG UP”. The song is written and performed by Richie Sambora and Roman and will be used to kick off the World Peace Tour in Russia. Hopes are high for a world tour opening/supporting slot with Richie Sambora/Orianthi to promote their debut as a duo. Now, Roman’s poised to conquer America and the rest of the world.

 Roman Release Schedule:

1st release: Turn It Up (Radio Edit)
Turn It Up (Original Version with Rap)

2nd release: Turn It Up (Remix)

3rd release: Turn It Up (Video)

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Onbashira Festival Starts This April – Once Every Six Years

Screen Shot 2016-03-07 at 10.37.18 PM

This festival is held every six years.

Onbashira comes from Onbashira Festival or Pillar Festival held in the Lake suwa area of Nagano, Japan. The purpose of this festival is to renew the Suwa Grand Shrine, one of the three oldest and most ornate structures of its kind.  The origin of this festival began 1200 years ago. The people living in the area, todays Nagano, participate in this festival every six years, on the anniversary of renewing.

Kitaro was inspired by this festival and the people cherishing nature and was inspired to create the album “Gaia-Onbashira” in 1998. This album is a far-reaching journey that brings together influences of the East and West, past and present, history and future. These tracks resonate with earthly sounds and the history embodied in pre-Columbian wind and percussion instruments.

[Onbashira Festival Schedule]

Upper shrine (Kamisha)
Yamadashi:  April 2nd (Sat.), 3rd(Sun.)*, 4th (Mon.)*
Satohiki:    May 3rd (Tue.), 4th (Wed.), 5th (Thurs.)

Lower shrine (Shimosha)
Yamadashi: April 8th (Fri.)*, 9th (Sat.)*, 10th (Sun.)*
Satohiki: May 14th (Sat.), 15th (Sun.), 16th (Mon.)

[Location / Venue]
Suwa Taisha, Nagano
Access From City to Location: 10 minutes on foot from Shimo-Suwa station
Access From Capital to City: 3 hours by Train from Shinjuku to Shimo-Suwa

For More Information:

kitaro_gaia Gaia-Onbashira by Kitaro

02.  MISTY
03.  GAIA

To celebrate the festival’s tradition, we are offering 40% OFF CD until April 10th.


reg: $15.98 –>  Sales Price $9.59 (40% OFF)

It is also available at iTunes Store.

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Lana Del Rey’s Music Video “Freak” features Debussy’s “Claire De Lune” from “Classics For The Heart”

Lana Del Rey’s new music video “Freak” features Debussy’s “Claire De Lune”, a track from the Domo Records album “Classics For The Heart”. The video currently enjoys over 8.5 million views.



Classics For The Heart

Classics for the Heart is a rich collection full of poetic movements and evocative tonalities that will warm your heart and soothe your soul.

Stimulating arrangements of piano and violin underscore the clarity and passion found in the Romantic works of Chopin, Beethoven, Rachmaninov and Debussy. “Moonlight Sonata” and “Claire de Lune”, along with twelve of the most popular classics works, color the senses and bloom here with the beauty of Romantic rediscovery.

Track List
01.  Meditations from Thais – Massenet
02.  Nocturne in C # minor – Fryderyk Chopin
03.  Pathetique Movement – Ludwig van Beethoven
04.  Moonlight Sonata – Ludwig van Beethoven
05.  Sicilenne – Faure
06.  Claire De Lune – Claude Debussy
07.  Song Without Words – Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy
08.  Vocalise – Rachmaninov
09.  Air – Johann Sebastian Bach
10.  Prelude in E minor – Fryderyk Chopin
11.  Prelude in C minor – Fryderyk Chopin
12.  Intermezzo – Johannes Brahms
13.  Andante – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
14.  Beau Soir – Claude Debussy

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