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Olate Dogs Rescue Tour stops in Macon

Macon, GA– Nicholas Olate and his father Richard Olate won the 2012 America’s Got Talent television competition.

The have been touring the country with their 11 performing pups.

Nicholas Olate said he has been performing with his father since he was about 5 years old.

“It all started with my father when he was a young man. He was actually very poor and he’s from Chile, South America and there’s a lot of stray dogs in Chile,” said Nicholas Olate. “So he got a dog off the street and then slowly through training and through patience and a lot of effort he slowly built up to where he is today.”

Each performance showcases a variety of the dogs’ talents.

They have a fashion show, comedy, film, and of course acrobatic tricks.

Nicholas Olate said the show really is a good time.

“You never know what kind of day somebody is having, you know?” said Nicholas Olate. “Somebody could have a rough day and they could come to your performance and have a good time for an hour and a half and maybe forget about their worries and just laugh and be filled with joy and that’s a wonderful thing. I think it’s just really great.”

The tour will continue on February 15th in Knoxville, TN at the Women’s Basketball Game at the University of Tennessee.

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Seda Bağcan New Album “Miracle” Coming Soon!


Seda Bağcan’s fifth album reminds us how deeply connected we are with all of those around us.  These soothing and melodic mantras, which are all written and composed by Seda herself, enable us to eliminate pain, expand our creativity, and raise our consciousness.  By eliminating negative forces and connecting with your infinite self beyond the physical realm, you will be able to live your true path with purpose, as the way that it is intended to be.  And don’t forget that you, and everything that surrounds you are MIRACLES!

The album will be released digitally on January 22nd.

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Seda Bağcan Artist Page

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Best Wishes in 2016!

Thank you for your support throughout the year.
Here’s to another great year!





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Yukiko Haneda Upcoming Show


Music is a Vibration of Eternity.

Dance is a conduit that connects music to our body.


Theatre Jazzo with sketches from their Music@Mimoda repertoire with the amazing Natalie Biermanns .

Posters by graphic designer Martin Bruinsma will be on display at Mimoda Jazzo to celebrate a 3-year collaboration with Yasha Jacob Michelson.


Theatre Jazzo is a resident company of MiModa studio, also known as Mimoda Jazzo, Charlie Chekhov, Iranian Silent Cinema in Dance, Theatre Voyeur and Theatre in Dance or just “Dancing Theatre”.


We dance everything that we do.


Evening opens by our guest artist, Yukiko Haneda (Japan)

12/19 (Sat) @ 8pm
Ticket: $15 BUY NOW
Venue: Mimoda Studio
5772 W Pico blvd LA CA
(Entrance through Paper or Plastik Cafe)

For More Information





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Celebrate Thanksgiving with Our New Deals


Enjoy our new biweekly deals to complete your Kitaro collections. Offer will end on December 3rd.

Kitaro ’10 Release Series + FREE DVD


This set includes:

other Earth Speak with Dennis Banks featuring music by Kitaro (2012)
– Final Call (2013)
– Symphony Live In Istanbul (2014)
– FREE An Enchanted Evening digipack DVD

Now at $19.98 (57% OFF)


Kitaro CD+DVD Series


This set includes:

– Kojiki (2-Disc Remastered Deluxe Edition) (2015)
– Tamayura (2-Disc) (2013)
– The Light Of The Spirit (2-Disc) (2012)
– The Kitaro Quintessential (2-Disc) (2013)
– The Essential Kitaro (2-Disc) (2006)


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Kitaro’s Upcoming Show in Japan Next Weekend!


Kitaro will come to Fukuoka, Japan as a part of his Symphonic World Tour! The show will feature an extensive live production with a local orchestra on November 15th. Few tickets are still available for purchase.

Fukuoka Poster

11/15  1:00pm (Door 12:00pm)
11/15  5:00pm (Door 4:00pm)

Venue: Kahogekijiyo Theater
Address: 5-23 Iizuka, Fukuoka, 820-0041, Japan
Phone:+81 948-22-0266

S seats – 6,000 yen
A seats – 5,000 yen

Purchase Tickets Now



2015/11/15(日)13:00 開演(12:00 開場)
2015/11/15(日)17:00 開演(16:00 開場)

会場:飯塚嘉穂劇場 (福岡県)

[出演]喜多郎 / 飯塚吹奏楽団 / 筑豊フィルハーモニー管弦楽団 / 和楽団 ジャパン・マーベラス / 倉知可英



S席 6,000円  / A席 5,000円



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[Biweekly Special] Kitaro ’90 Release Series & New Age Music Set

The greatest and biggest sales of the year! We are offering two special deals every two weeks during this Holiday season.

[Biweekly Specials]

1. Kitaro ’90 Release Series + FREE DVD


This set includes:
– Dream (1992)
– Mandala (1994)
– Gaia (1998)
– FREE Kojiki DIgipack DVD

Now at $19.98 (71% OFF)

Offer will end on November 5th.


2. Discover New Music – New Age


This set includes:
– Karuna by Nawang Khechog (1995)
– Kitaro World of Music by Yu-Xiao Guang (1996)
– Serenity by Dave Eggar (1998)
– Music For Yoga by Various Artists (2007)


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Yukiko Haneda Upcoming Performance at Japan Expo


Yukiko will be performing as a guest artist at JAPAN EXPO on 10/17/2015! It is a short performance Solo. Premiere recent work with Emmy Award Composer Charles Bernstein.

Hope to see you and please enjoy Japanese Culture at Japan Expo!

Japan Expo Official Website




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[Biweekly Special] Kitaro ’80 Release Series & Classics Set


The greatest and biggest sales of the year! We are offering two special deals every two weeks during this Holiday season. Make sure to sign up for the newsletter to get the latest deal.

[This week specials]

1. Kitaro ’80 Release Series + FREE DVD


This set includes:
– Tenku (Originally released in 1986)
– The Light of the Spirit (Originally released in 1987)
– The Best of Ten Years (Originally released in 1988)
– FREE Light of the Spirit DVD

Now at $19.98 (66% OFF)

Offer will end on October 22nd.



2. Discover New Music – Classics by Fujiko Hemming


This set includes:
– Live At Carnegie Hall
– Liszt: Piano Concerto No. 1
– Nocturnes of Melancholy
– Echoes of Eternity
– La Campanella


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Kojiki 2-Disc Deluxe Edition by Kitaro Now On Sale


Marking the 25th anniversary of its debut, Domo Records will reissue a deluxe edition of Kitaro’s critically acclaimed album “Kojiki” remastered from the original source tapes.

Accompanied by the string section from George Lucas’ Skywalker Symphony Orchestra, Kitaro masterfully recreates the depths of the ancient Kojiki chronicle which recounts the birth of Japan and its people.

This 2-disc set also includes an accompanying 55 minute DVD-Video that captures a memorable live performance from the artist’s 1990 World Tour.


Autographed Version is also available.


BUY Autographed Version

* The Kitaro autograph is on the first page of the booklet.


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