Kitaro New Release from his latest European tour!

Since Kitaro visited European countries with his Symphonic World Tour in February and March, we have received so many requests to release its live album.  Now, we are very delighted and excited to announce that we WILL release it this …

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Kitaro iTunes Sale Part.2

Following Kitaro’s albums are now on sale on iTunes by September 30th!! Do not miss this chance! “Daylight, Moonlight Live in Yakushiji” From the opening chant of the Yakushiji monks, it is apparent that this is going to be a …

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Kitaro Taiko Ceremony at Japanese Alps in 2014

Annual all night Taiko event is one of the Kitaro’s most important lifeworks that has been carried for over decades. This is the event that Kitaro expresses his appreciation to the Mother Earth and the nature. On full moon day …

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Kitaro Symphonic World Tour in Japan

Kitaro will come back to the Symphonic World Tour this fall! This time, he will perform two shows in his home country, Japan. Date: September 25th Venue: Aichi Geijutsu Gekijou Dai Hall Tickets: A seats ¥5,000, B seats ¥4,000, C …

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[LIMITED ITEM] KITARO Ku-Kai Deluxe Box Set Now On Sale!

This Ku-Kai box set includes Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai Vol.1 to Vol.4 in a special deluxe edition box. All four CDs have Kitaro autographs. ONLY 10 SETS AVAILABLE. [Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai Vol.1 – Vol.4] Kitaro’s Sacred Journey of Ku-kai …

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Kitaro Special Vinyl Sale Offer Will End Soon!

If you are a Kitaro music collector and haven’t got any of his vinyls yet, this is the great chance to collect them all at once with a special discounted price. All of the vinyls are the 12 Inch LP …

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The Kitaro Quintessential (2013)

For over 40 years and throughout his musical career, Kitaro has been a true groundbreaking artist with amazing live performances and music that blurs the lines between many musical genres including jazz, rock, new age and world music. His tireless …

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The Light of the Spirit on Radio Aktywne

   Sundance from Kitaro‘s 1997 release (Remastered in 2012) “The Light of The Spirit” was aired on Radio Aktywne on May 14th. BUY The Light of the Spirit CD & DVD set at Domo Store Click =>   Watch and listen …

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Kitaro’s Short Interview on Skylife (Turkish Airlines)

Kitaro’s mini interview is on Turkish Airlines’ magazine, Skylife, April issue. Continue reading Check out his latest album Final Call BUY: / / / Vinyl (on special promotion now!) Follow Kitaro’s Official SNS accounts! Like this post!

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Mother’s Day Sale! Up to 50% OFF

Happy Mother’s Day! Domo is offering a big sale on all merchandise from April 28th to May 11th. How about giving a gift of music to your mom this year? Check Merchandises Limited release collector’s item with handwritten serial number …

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