New Scott Cruz Single, RESCUE as Scott Guests on TV’s Real Housewives of Orange County September 4th on Bravo Channel

Rescue is the new single by Scott Cruz, his first release on his new label home of Domo Music Group, RESCUE.

Watch Scott this coming September 4th with Tamra Judge and her crew on the popular unscripted series, Real Housewives of Orange County on Bravo Channel #RHOC

He’s trending on social media following his appearances on television because in addition to emerging as a musical force as an artist, Scott Cruz has another gift — as a Clairvoyant Medium and Spiritual Counselor. As a result, Scott has been a guest-star on shows such as the Real Housewives of Orange County with Tamra Judge – Watch: 

Cruz is able to connect with the past, see the present, and foresee an individual’s life trajectory for the future, as well as, connect with those who have crossed over.  He is a teacher of the power of consciousness and creating reality which can help guide individuals into vibrational alignment with self and toward what is desired for their path here in the physical realm.

His passion, creativity, work ethic and talent allow Scott to personally handle all aspects of the recording process. Scott says, “I’m constantly writing, putting together the arrangements, instrumentals and delivering the vocal performances. I am completely immersed in every part of creating and bringing my music to life. I want that to be my niche as an artist.” Commenting on his new single, Scott adds, “This is my love song to the world. There is only one thing that can bring you to the new world: Love.”

He is a Triple Threat — Artist, Songwriter, and Performer — as well as a Sought-After Celebrity Personality as a Clairvoyant Medium and Spiritual Counselor.

The Grammy Award-Winning record company Domo Music Group’s latest break-out signing is singer, songwriter and performer, Scott Cruz. Cruz is talented composer and performer who has captured an impressive FIVE prestigious Telly Award wins for music scoring. Scott Cruz is a gifted musician and recording artist. His latest single release on Domo is representative of Scott’s musical prowess.

Scott Cruz is a recording artist with a wealth of talent, as well as a gift of vision… quite literally. Scott has been recognized for his musical works which have been featured on major television networks including Discovery Channel, History Channel, and the 3net/Sony Imax Channel.

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