Kitaro’s New “Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai Volume 5” To Be Released on April 21st


Release Follows the Grammy Nominated Volumes 1-4

Kitaro’s Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai Volume 5 follows the highly acclaimed Volumes 1-4 of the series, all of which have earned the artist Grammy nominations.

Released by Domo Music Group the Ku-Kai series concept arose after the global events on the fateful day of September 11, 2001. Kitaro was traveling on a jet from Japan to Los Angeles when the transcontinental flight was diverted to Hawaii for 5 days due to the tragedy. It was during this time of disbelief and uncertainty that Kitaro envisioned the Ku-Kai series as a means of uniting the world through music embracing his frequently referenced universal message of peace.

The Sacred Journey of Ku-Kai series is an earthly voyage that transports the listener to the eighty-eight sacred temples located on Shikoku Island in Japan, ancestral home of the beloved Buddhist holy man Ku-kai. The music is serene paying homage to the true to life excursion made over 1100 years ago on Shikoku Island endures to this day. Each track on the album revolves around the unique bell sound from the individual temples, using actual sampling and Kitaro’s inspired musical interpretations and distillations of their essences.

The Ku-Kai series is comprised of “Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai Vol. 1” in 2003, “Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai Vol. 2” in 2005, “Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai Vol. 3” in 2007, and “Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai Vol. 4” in 2010.

The global admiration for Kitaro and his music that unites the world is, of all things, real and constant.

Pre-order for CD is now available!

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