5 Kitaro Albums for Earth Day

kitaro_earth_dayEarth Day has been celebrated on April 22nd each year over four decades to raise the awareness of the environmental issues and problems.

Since Kitaro started his musical career in 70’s, he has focused on thinking about inner peace and world peace, and his biggest inspiration has always been Nature. In the past interview, Kitaro stated that “We are an important part of Nature and it is Nature that inspires my imagination.”  

We picked 5 Kitaro albums for this Earth Day. Hope you enjoy and celebrate beautiful Mother Earth, together with Kitaro.

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5 Kitaro Albums for Earth Day

1. Final Call (2013)

Final Call_KitaroAs a homage to Kitaro’s lifetime reverence for Nature, Final Call is a voyage of introspection specifically concerned about how we treat our planet. It’s Kitaro’s assertion that the planet itself is crying out and warning us about potential serious consequences if we don’t address these global issues in a timely fashion.

Kitaro – “Final Call is that, the final call from nature.  This album is my expression of natures cry to us.  For me, it is a warning that we must do something to preserve Mother Earth for the generations to come.”


2. Let Mother Earth Speak (2012)

LET_MOTHER_EARTH_SPEAK_20+01_02A world-renowned Native American activist Dennis Banks as he joins forces with Kitaro in celebration of our Earth in this new CD, LET MOTHER EARTH SPEAK. The project contains a message of international peace intertwined with stories and life lessons from Dennis Banks featuring the musical sensitivity and prowess of Kitaro. It’s a journey we all should take and a message to which we all should carefully listen.



3. The Light Of The Spirit (Remastered) CD & DVD (2012)

KITARO_LIGHT_OF_THE_SPIRIT_COVER_2012_smallThe Light Of The Spirit, co-produced with Grateful Dead’s Mickey Hart, is an enthralling exploration of melodic imagery featuring the Grammy nominated song “The Field.”  Accompanying this Digitally Remastered Compact Disc is a bonus DVD blending cinematic melodies from the album with images from nature that explore the harmony between the spirit and our shared environment.



4. Daylight, Moonlight Live in Yakushiji (2002)

kitaro_yakushijiWith full instrumentation, Kitaro reprises nine favorite compositions from earlier albums, plus his Golden Globe Award-Winning theme from the Oliver Stone film “Heaven and Earth” and two previously unreleased tracks.

Live in Yakushiji is a broad and deep journey, to inner realms as well as exotic earthly destinations.


5. Gaia – Onbashira (1998)

kitaro_gaiaGaia Onbashira is a musical exploration of respect and how it relates to ancient traditions.  Gaia loosely translates to Goddess of the Earth or Mother Earth and Onbashira is a festival that occurs every seven years in Japan.



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