Rick Collingwood Hypnosis Series: Insomnia Cure Now Available on iTunes

Hypnosis : Insomnia Cure


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This is a certified ‘Gold Record’ accredited album from the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) for sales over 38 000 copies.  It has literally helped thousands of people experience a good night’s sleep, and is one of the most popular & effective ‘sleep audios’ available anywhere online.

It is perfect for insomniacs to help override the things that cause insomnia like over-thinking, stress, noise, pain, discomfort, irregular work patterns & the general inability to simply ‘switch off’.  It will help introduce new ways to give you more control over your sleeping patterns permanently, even after you finish the 6-8 week course of this program.

Design to help:

  • Give you techniques to fall asleep easily
  • Calm your mind to stop over-thinking
  • Switch off to any outside noises
  • Align your emotional, mental & physical systems
  • Balance the effects of shift working
  • Remove emotional tension like fear, stress, anxiety etc.
  • Re-train your mind to adopt more normal sleeping patterns

[Who is Rick Collingwood?]
Rick is one of the world’s leading professional clinical therapeutic hypnotists. Rick has been providing people all around the world with the tools to improve their lives and discover more about hypnosis and self help methods.

His CDs were sold more than one million copies all over the world. He is also the first self-help author to be awarded an ARIA (Australian Recording Industry Association) Gold or Platinum Record Certification awards.

Go to the official page to know more about Rick

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