Domo Music Group Family – Kanpai Records part Ⅰ-

Do you really know Kanpai Records?
They are family of Domo Records. They have many great artists.
Today We introduce some artists from Kanpai Records.
You will like them!!!

1. Peas
Peter “Peas” McEvilley reinterprets, or “filters”, the music of legendary Japanese world music pioneer Kitaro on Filters, a collection of tracks produced by McEvilley that contain abundant samples of original Kitaro compositions. Throughout each track, McEvilley seamlessly crafts the master musician’s trademark lush melodies and dramatic crescendos into a beautiful, downtempo sonic adventure.

ALBUM: filters

The timing of this album’s release couldn’t be more perfect, as Peas will be a headlining act at the Summer Earthdance tour. This 20 date North American tour launches August 19 in Los Angeles, with stops in Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Detroit, Philadephia, New York, Washington, New Orleans and San Francisco, among others, leading up to the 8th annual Earthdance global gathering on September 18. Also on the bill are superstar DJ/Producer BT, Particle, and Dan the Automator.

SONG: Love Stuck Haze from filters

01. Fences
02. Shoes Under My Bed
03. Looks Like Heaven
04. Beat Break
05. Love Stuck Haze
06. Certifiable
07. Don’t Be Lonely
08. Wrong
09. Spinning
10. Never Stop the Music
11. Many Might Try to Get Ya
12. Low Pass Dub
13. Thirteen
14. Air, Oil

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2. Prototokyo
This two-man outfit uses spaced-out hip hop beats, crazed grooves, and old school soul vocals to create their new, “retro-electronic R&B” sound. Simultaneously throwback and flash forward, Prototokyo is tight, catchy and nassty.

ALBUM: Prototokyo

SONG: Underneath the Sheets from Prototkyo

01. Protonarrative
02. Limp
03. Tina Meets Gina
04. Schoolboy
05. Underneath the Sheets
06. Stop Drop
07. 2222
08. Mission
09. Ticklish
10. Bananas Du Brasil
11. Play (Transmission)
12. DPT
13. Materialize
14. Love Love (Thursday’s Child)
15. As I Lie

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3. Test Shot Starfish
Sound Designer/Producers Kyle Schember & Ryan Stuit met on a film set in Los Angeles in 1999. They quickly identified their common passion for electronic music & the spark was lit that fueled the creation of Test Shot Starifsh.

ALBUM:Test Shot Starfish
This album release Kyle & Ryan work on projects for other artists (Remixes, EPKs and DVDs) and their talent has gained them access to remix tracks for such artists as Lenny Kravitz,Coldplay, Gus Gus and Snoop Dogg.

SONG: Diver From Test Shot Starfish

01. Souvenirs
02. B Plan
03. Sort Of
04. Giants
05. Diver
06. Atmos
07. In Color
08. Extra Points
09. Juno ’76
10. Oort
11. Level One
12. Polaris

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