New Artist Pages!!!!

For all Domo Records Fans!! We just renewed our Artist Page!

Our old artist pages might not contain enough information or hard to find the info you wanted to know….
After gathering ideas from our fans and staffs, we finally renovated those pages!


On this top page of each artists, we added few new features!

You could purchase whatever the album you would like from the artist page! It will shorten your shopping time, and you could also choose the album format among CD, iTunes, and MP3!


On the right side of the each artist top page, there’s a link to the management page.

This management page shows pictures, discography, and also history of concert and media!(Kitaro / Yoshida Brothers / Nao Watanabe)


It would be fun to check out those categories, and we hope you guys like the new Domo Artist Pages!

Domo Music Group Artist Page

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