Special Offer! Kitaro’s Collector’s Item!!

For all Kitaro’s Fans.

You know that New Age master Kitaro has nominated for Grammy Awards 14 times and won once.

14 albums…That is a lot to complete for new kitaro lovers, so we put those Kitaro’ journey into one box which is called “The Ultimate Kitaro Collection – Silk Road Journey “

It contains a full 15 CDs and 1 DVD, and 11 of those CDs are either Grammy Award nominated or won albums.

This time, we are having the biggest offer on this collection!!


The offer will be ended by the end of this month!

Please don’t miss it! You won’t be able to get this collector’s item for this price anymore!

=Album List=
01. Gaia – Onbashira – 41st Grammy nominee (1998)
02. Thinking Of You – 43rd Grammy WINNING album (2000)
03. Dream – 35th Grammy nominee (1992)
04. The Light Of The Spirit – 30th Grammy nominee (1987)
05. Kojiki – 34th Grammy nominee (1991)
06. Ancient – 44th Grammy nominee (2001)
07. Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai, Volume 1 – 46th Grammy nominee (2003)
08. Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai, Volume 2 – 48th Grammy nominee (2005)
09. Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai, Volume 3 – 50th Grammy nominee (2007)
10. Sacred Journey Of Ku-Kai, Volume 4 – 53rd Grammy nominee (2010)
11. Spiritual Garden
12. The Best Of Silk Road
13. Peace On Earth
14. 442: Extreme Patriots Of WW II | Kitaro’s Story Scape
15. The Impressions Of The West Lake – 52nd Grammy nominee (2009)
16. Yakushiji Live DVD

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One Comment to Special Offer! Kitaro’s Collector’s Item!!

  1. Domocast says:

    Sorry the deal was ended on March 31st.

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