“Tamayura” is Official Released Today!!

As we mentioned prebiously on  this post,

Good News for Kitaro lovers!!  It’s been a long time coming!!

Kitaro‘s latest Album “Tamayura” is official released Today!!

You can get this album on iTunes!!

If you have never listened to his beautiful music,  please check this out !!

This is Kitaro’s performance and this song is called “Sitara” contained in the Album, Tamayura !!

For more Kitaro’s Live Video!!




Track List

01.  Introduction
02.  Magma
03.  Mercury
04.  Sitara
05.  Nageki
06.  Beam Wave
07.  Uranus

You can get “Tamayura” on  iTunes

↓   ↓   ↓


Some of you guys already know,  Kitaro is one of the Great New Age Artists!!

Get his music right now on this occasion!! Don’t miss it!!


You can also get CD(and DVD sets) or MP3 on our Website

and watch more Live videos on its DVD!!


More info…

Kitaro Webpage

Domo Music Group Website

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