Thank You From KITARO

THANK YOU to all Kitaro fans who sent us warm birthday messages! Kitaro was very happy with this surprise gift from you and read every messages with happy tears..

Here is a Thank-you note from Kitaro..

Hello everyone!

I like to say thank you for all of your kind messages for my 60th birthday!  Every message is a very important jewel to me.

I’m looking forward to seeing you when I tour again and to sharing my new music with you all very soon!

thank you so much,






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7 Comments to Thank You From KITARO

  1. Angie says:

    Dear Kitaro, congratulations to your birthday sent from Germany. I wish you a wonderful day filled with joy, harmony and love. I thank you for your great music, which for so many years filled my heart with deep joy and touched my soul. I send my deepest respect for your particular talent. You’re a world-class musician. I wish you continued inspiration for new melodies. If you are going to have concerts in Germany, I will be definitely there. I wish you all the best for your further life. May the angels watching over you. Love, Angie

  2. Robert Carbajal says:

    Feliz Cumpleaños Maestro Kitaro!!! Usted es lo maximo en New age… muchas gracias por sus composiciones….

  3. Robert Carbajal says:

    Happy birthday Maestro Kitaro… usted es lo Maximo!!!!

  4. Adilson Pinto says:

    Happy birthday,,

    by the way, do you have plans for a show in Brazil?

    Adilson Pinto

  5. raif yaman says:

    happy birthday our beloved musician. you are one of the world’s bests.

  6. javad says:

    i love u so much and your masterpieces. they r with me all the time

  7. EZIO says:

    Thank you, Kitaro! You are forever the best! We wait for you in Turin, a fantastic italian city, near the mountains of the Winter Olimpic Games (2006): the best city for the best musician of the world!