Let Mother Earth Speak with Dennis Banks featuring music by Kitaro

New Album  from Kitaro in collaboration with Dennis Banks “Let Mother Earth Speak”will be released in September,2012.

Dennis Banks is World-Renowned Native American activist and put his  message of international peace intertwined with stories and life lessons and featuring the musical  sensitivity and prowess of Kitaro.

Each song from the album  begins with thoughtful spoken words from Dennis with Kitaro providing the musical accompaniment. Following Dennis’ spoken words, Dennis speaks, Native American drums and culturally correct instruments begin as Dennis sings a traditional Native American Indian song.

The unique mix of Kitaro’s music with Native American instruments along with the insight of Dennis Franks makes Let Mother Earth Speak one of the most unique musical and spoken word driven projects of this or any year. It’s a journey we all should take and a message to which we all should carefully listen.

Please check following page to find more info about this album.

Sample Song from Let Mother Earth Speak
Facebook page on Let Mother Earth Speak

Kitaro Official Website

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