Kitaro’s live in Izumo Taisha newly updated

A new footage of Kitaro’s live performance in Izumo Grand Shrine was updated to You Tube.  Kitaro is playing “Sozo ” ( Which means “imagination” in Japanese )   at his  performance. Izumo Grand Shrine is one of the most important shrine in Japan, and performing there is  considered to be the highest degree of honor.

Song “Sozo” is included in the album “Kojiki”.


01.  Hajimari
02.  Sozo
03.  Koi
04.  Orochi
05.  Nageki
06.  Matsuri
07.  Reimei

Domo Music Group Official Website
Domo Music Group:Kitaro Official Website

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One Comment to Kitaro’s live in Izumo Taisha newly updated

  1. Sefa Kaya says:

    Müziğin etkileyici güzelliğini KİTARO ile keşfettim.Teşekkürler …..