New item – Handcraft Bonji Pendant Neckless “Bishamonten” (Vaisravana)

We have added new item from Kuubokumon brand!!

Handcraft Bonji Pendant Neckless “Bishamonten” (Vaisravana)
Exclusive item from Japanese accessory brand “Kuubokumon”.

Bonji is Sanskrit characters started in ancient India and used essentially by Shingon Buddhists in Japan to write out mantra and sutras in Sanskrit. It was introduced to Japan by Ku-Kai in 806 AD after he had studied Sanskrit and Mantrayana Buddhism in China. It is believed that each word represents Buddha and that it has a power to protect people and guide them to right direction just by wearing it. Nowadays, it is often used for tatoo, T-shirts design etc with sense of reverence.

Vaisravana known as Bishamonten in Japan is Lord of Wealth and Treasure, guardian of the Dhama, God of warriors. He dresses in armor, and holds pagoda in right hand and a weapon to eliminate evils in left. It is believed that he brings courage to your heart, and wealth to your life.

[A little information about Kuubokumon]
Kuubokumon is an original accessory line from Kyoto, Japan with Kanji design elements utilizing Bonji as motif. This is a one-of-a-kind Japanese accessory with handcrafted carved sumi word on ceramic. Kuubokumon artist, MUGEN custom creates each piece by hand and care. We are proud to bring this original artisan jewelry made from a true heartfelt artist.

Accessory style : comma-shaped bead (Small)
Word (Sumi) Color : Balck
Clay Color: Black and White

Ball : W 0.7 in (1.8cm) x D 0.2 in (0.6cm) x H 1.2 in (3.1cm)

about 0.28 oz (8 g)

[Length of string]
15.7 in (40 cm) – 23.6 in (60 cm) (Dark brown Kyogumi string)

You can adjust the length by sliding the joint on the both sides of the string.

*For string used tough kyogumi string which was used for decoration string for samurai weapon from old times in Japan.





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