Kitaro’s Caravansary updated to YouTube

Kitaro’s Caravansary was updated to You Tube.
It was played at IZUMO grand shrine( One of most important shrine in Japan) tour in 1990.

Caravansary is included in many of Kitaro’s album. Best of Silk Road is one of them features a previously unreleased version of the “Theme from Silk Road”.


01. Theme From Silk Road
02. Bell Tower
03. Flying Celestial Nymphs
04. Mirage
05. Linden
06. 40800
07. Taklamakan Desert
08. Load of Wind
09. Caravansary
10. Moon-Star
11. Pray At Xian/Mercury

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Domo Music Group Official Website
Kitaro: Domo Music Group Official Website

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