ViVA Girls Grabs 2nd Place In MusicDish*China MV Competition

ViVA Girls – Yin Yang Official MV

The video “Yin Yang (阴阳)” by China based group ViVA Girls (雅乐团) is exceedingly entertaining from start to finish. A musical masterpiece showcasing the talent and expertise of these female musicians, the video is vibrant, robust, and spirited. With the music being played using Asian instruments, the sound is spectacularly refreshing to this Westerner, and is somewhat reminiscent of the group Hiroshima’s music. “Yin Yang” begins with an almost “Star Trek” like scene where the viewer is drawn into a “universe” which then explodes into this most amazing and impressive performance that shows each of the talented ladies looking as cool as ice, but playing with a sound that’s hot as hell!! People of all cultures and musical tastes will be able to appreciate the precision and proficiency with which the Viva Girls perform. This is 100% good music, no matter where you live on the globe.
“The complexity of the video was very creative. The band has an image that is unique and great for brands. The band was stylish and the sound and performance was great.” Jewell Sparks, Indie Vixens


Their first ever full album is now available at iTunes store, digital album store and Domo store!!

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Musically, they’re magic, having been classically trained and hailing from some of the most prestigious Schools and Universities in the world. To the eye, the ViVA Girls present one of the most impressive and visually pleasing concert performances one can experience. Their East meets West twist on classical and pop music is especially popular with American audiences.

Track List
01. After Dawn 

02. Two Hearts

03. Another Time

04. Dream

05. The River Of Change

06. Autumn Wind

07. It’s Been Years

08. Violet Leaves
09. Love And Hope
10. Tears For You(Chinese Version)

Viva Girls Official Website
Viva Girlsオフィシャルページ
Viva Girls Facebook
Domo Music Official Website

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