Kitaro Celestial Scenery: Divine Spirit Vol.8

Divine Spirits
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Track List
01. God Of Thunder
02. In The Beginning
03. Mandala (Live)
04. The Light Of The Spirit
05. Spirit Of Water
06. Strength
07. The Escape
08. Lord Of Wind
09. Reimei

Kitaro Celestial Scenery
Prolific Grammy-winning artist Kitaro releases an exclusive 10 album collection on iTunes! This paramount collection of Asian New Age music was remastered specifically for its first-ever digital release in America. It’s a must-have for any lover of music.

Celestial Scenery: Divine Spirit Vol.8
In Divine Spirits, the eighth album in the Celestial Scenery compilation, Kitaro draws his inspiration from the invisible deities and forces of nature. The Taiko is here, as well as its companion thunder. The keyboard is here as well, complementing the sound of water. The synthesizer ties it up into a nice little aural package. There’s even a live version of Mandala nestled in as the third track. Over-all, it’s a calming album with excellent texture that’s sure to please any long-standing Kitaro fan.

Written by Jessica Aves

Celestial Scenery Galactic Flight Vol.9 will be available soon at iTunes store.

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