JABBERLOOP: Tohoku Live & Daisuke Interview

JABBERLOOP performed at Tohoku (North Japan) Festival on 7/18 to cheer up Tohoku and Japan! There were full of people and endless encore!
Thank you for everybody to come see JABBERLOOP!!

Also, here is the interview with Daisuke about JABBERLOOP

What is your favorite music?

What is your favorite food?
– Japanese BBQ, curry and rice

– TV, Music

Favorite film?
– Tora San Our Lovable Tramp(Otoko ha tsurai yo)

What do you do when you are off?
– sleeping all day

Why did you choose sax as your musical instrument?
– When I joined the brass band club in junior high school, my senior
recommended for me to play the sax.

How did you join JABBERLOOP?
– I was just playing with good old friends just for fun but we had made a band before we knew it.

How does JABBERLOOP usually make songs?
– Each member writes motif of songs and we make music by session.

What do you feel about the US debut?
– I am very glad! I have been performing for borderless music since we got together as a group.

Where do you want to go in the US?
– Grand Canyon

Any future projects?
– I want to go travel all over the world performing at concert everyday

Do you have any artists you would like to perform with?
– too many… I want to play with artists who make unique and creative sounds.

Message to fans
– I am looking forward to making great shows with you!!
Please keep following us!

New Release “OLD SCHOOL”

JABBERLOOP Official Artist Page

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