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Classics For Children by Edith Kielgast
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With the aim of iniciating the children into the Classical Music Universe, well known compositions in smooth melodies were chosen to be part os this album. The soft piano interpretation was made to fit very well to the delicated children ears and made of this a album an pleasent experience to listeners. This album fit not only for children but also for adults looking relaxation moments with Classical Music. The tracks for this album were carefully chosen and performed by the famous Brazilian pianist Edith Kielgast.

Artist: Edith Kielgast

Album: Classics For Children (Classicos Para Criancas) – Beethoven

Genre: Children’s Music
Track List

01. Alemande Em Do Maior
02. Marmotte Opus 52 N 7
03. Landler 1 Opus 51 Em Re Maior
04. Landler 2 Em Re Maior
05. Landler 3 Em Re Maior
06. Landler 4 Em Fa Maior
07. Valsa Em Mi Bemol Maior
08. Minueto Em Sol Maior
09. Romance Em Sol Maior
10. Valsa N2 Em Sol Maior
11. Valsa N8 Em La Maior
12. Valsa N12 Em La Maior
13. Gertrude s Dream Waltz
14. L adieu Au Piano
15. Sonatina N1
16. Andante Da Sonata Opus 49 N1
17. Pour Elise

Edith Kielgast – Landler 4 Em Fa Maior from Classics For Children (short ver.)

Edith Kielgast – Marmotte Opus 52 N 7 from Classics For Children (short ver.)


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