ViVA Girls Osaka Event Report

Here’s the diary about Osaka event by one of ViVA Girls members.

Title : I’m busy, I’m nervous and I’m excited -July 13th

Today is the first day of our performance. I’m really excited about that! After we put on make-up we decided to record this unforgettable moment with our cameras. Also, an album signing event waited for us after the performance.
Please enjoy our CDs and concert.

ViVA Girls new EP “INSPIRATION” will be available ONLY at Silk Road event venue in Osaka, Japan from July 11th during the event.

ViVA Girls: Inspiration

Song List

01.  After Dawn – アフター・ドーン
02.  Two Hearts – トゥー・ハーツ 

03.  Can You Feel It – キャン・ユー・フィール・イット 

04.  Nada Sou Sou – 涙そうそう

05.  Dream – ドリーム 

06.  Autumn Wind – オータム・ウインド
07.  Hotel California – ホテル・カリフォルニア

08.  Love And Hope – ラブ・アンド・ホープ

We are planning to release this on September in the US!!

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