UPDATE : ViVA Girls to Perform at Charity Event in Japan

As we announced before ViVA Girls will participate charity event for Japan Tohoku earthquake and perform first time in Japan. This time show will be RSVP only (lottery) and not open to public.Let’s apply and get a chance to see them!!
This is an event to support of 2011 Tohoku Japan Earthquake sufferers by renowned Chinese artists through art and music. New Breeze will travel from Silk Road.
New Silk Road will carry the art of “Dunhuang” and new sound of China.
“New Chapter in History” You will experience new art of renowned Chinese artists and ViVA Girls, a current spectacle from China’s mainland!

Venue:Osaka Nanba Hatch
Admission: FREE
[The New Silk Road Flying Angels of Dunhuang]
Showcase of New Chinese Contemporary Art
 ● 7/11 (Mon) 12:00 ‒ 19:00
 ● 7/12 (Tue)  11:00 ‒ 19:00
 ● 7/13 (Wed) 11:00 ‒ 17:00
 ● 7/14 (Thu)  11:00 ‒ 17:00
ViVA Girls Concert
 ● 7/13 (Wed) Door 18:30 / Show 19:00
 ● 7/14 (Thu) Door 18:30 / Show 19:00
*ViVA Girls concert will be RSVP only! (lottery)
250 pairs (500 people) for each day
◎ How to apply
Please send a blank email to viva@diaa.net
You will receive the event details with RSVP form.

Viva Girls Official Website
Viva Girls Facebook
Viva Girls Official Youtube

Domo Music Official Website

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