New video on YouTube – Sleep Lullabies by Alexandre Guerra & Michel Freidenson

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The most beautiful lullabies in soft arrangements on guitar, piano, oboe, bassoons and other instruments accompanied by nature sounds specially selected and produced by the conductor Alexandre Guerra and the pianist Michel Freidenson. The compositions in the repertoire – all infant songs – distinguish themselves for the kindness and beauty to allow your infant to sleep well.

Artist : Alexandre Guerra & Michel Freidenson

Album : Sleep Lullabies (Cantigas De Ninar)

Genre : Children’s Music

Track List

01. Onda Vai, Onda Vem

02. Soninho De Bebe 2 (Atirei o Pau No Gato)

03. Pirulito Que Bate, Bate

04. Eu Sou Pobre, Pobre

05. Lar, Doce Lar

06. Dorme Nene

07. En Coche Va Una Nina

08. O Cravo Brigou Com a Rosa

09. Cancao De Ninar

10. Soninho De Bebe 1 (Boi Da Cara Preta)

11. O Meu Chapeu

12. Noite Feliz

13. Maezinha Do Ceu

14. A Canoa Virou

15. Nana Nene
Alexandre G. and Michel F. – Nana Nene from Sleep Lullabies (short ver.)

Alexandre G. and Michel F. – A Canoa Virou
 from Sleep Lullabies (short ver.)


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