Kitaro New video uploaded on YouTube

We’ve uploaded the video of Kitaro live at Asian Art Museum in SF on Dec 26th.
Live in San Francisco on 12/26/2010

Flute / Synthesizer: Kitaro
Violin: Steven Kindler
Gu Zheng: Su Chang (Viva Girls)
Synthesizer: Keiko Takahashi
Taiko Drum: Shohei Takatani
Kitaro Official YouTube Channel

Actually Sue from ViVA Girls is playing Gu Zheng in this live!!
Can you recognize her?

ViVA Girls Official Webpage

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Kitaro Official Website
Domo Music Official Website

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  2. WWE2K18 says:

    Nevertheless, group noises, group incantations as well as the entire variation is extremely interesting in this variation. The video game is really intriguing and also most detailed one.

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