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Akiko Moriyako New album “The Vibes” is available at iTunes Store now!!
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Akiko Moriyakoデビューデジタルアルバム “The Vibes”iTunesストアで販売開始となりました♫
01. Sublime (Mick Leesin/ Peter Vale)
02. Groovin’ In The Midnight (D.Morales / Max Elliott / H. Tucker / M.Bennett)
03. Sure Fire Love (Max Elliott/ P.Radford /Yellow Stone)
04. Wild World (Cat Stevens)
05. Space In My Heart Prelude (Akiko Moriyako)
06. Space In My Heart (Max Elliott / D Asutin)
07. The One (Max Elliott / Gary Benson / Livingstone Brown / A. Thomson / Wayne Hector)
08. House Call (Max Elliott/ Michael Bennett / Rexton Gordon / Sly Dunbar)
09. Just A Little Bit Longer (Handel Tucker)
10. God Watches Over Us (Gary Benson/ Max Elliott / C Branch)
11. Love Somebody For Life (GARDEN)
12. Set The Night To Music (Diane Warren)
13. Full Hundred (Max Elliott / Ryan Elliott / Marvin Elliott)
14. Ain’t It Enough (Gary Benson / Max Elliott / Andy Marvel)
15. Close To You (Gary Benson / Winston Sela / Max Elliott)
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