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David Arkenstone New album “Ambient World” is available at Digital Music Store now.
This album will be released at iTunes on December 14th.
A word from David Arkenstone on the album, Ambient World. “I’ve always considered myself sort of a painter – of sound. For a while now, I’ve been experimenting with many different new sound textures, and this recording is the result. The more I worked on the pieces, the more I was aware that the music was heavily influenced by my recent trip to Japan. My choice of sonic tonal colors seemed to reflect my many experiences there, from riding the shinkansen, to the lush countryside, the temples, the cities in the rain, and even walking through Tokyo at early dawn in a wide-awake trance, due to jet lag. It all seems sort of surreal now, and I think my ‘paintings’ allow me to travel back to that special in my memory. And it makes me look forward to when I can visit again . . . . ”
Track List
Disc 1
01. Acquiring Satellites 
02. Gargouille 
03. Liquid Sky 
04. Shinkansen 
05. By A Moving River 
06. Night Scape 
07. Time Lapse 
08. Filtered Sunrise 
09. Night Traveler 
10. Tokyo Rain 
Disc 2
01. Tunnels 
02. Water Birth 
03. Off The Map 
04. Star Fall 
05. Oborozukiyo 
06. Cloud Rider 
07. Insomniax 
08. Collective Dream 
09. The Last Train 
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