Kitaro Ku-Kai 4 Report from Kochi, Japan

Kitaro went to offer Ku-Kai 4 CD to temple in Kochi, Shikoku.
He used the sound of a temple bell in Kouch for Ku-Kai 4, so it is a memorable place for Kitaro.
pic 1
He is dedicating CD to the chief priest of the each temple (from No 32 to 39)
Every time he releases Ku-Kai series, he is going to offer CD to temple.
pic 2
Kitaro is walking on the approach to the temple.
pic 3
Kitaro found a German pilgrim around the temple.
He is very happy to see Kitaro because he is a huge fan of Ku-Kai series.
pic 4
This is the Kitaro’s memorable temple bell.
He is looking back fondly on his days with this bell.

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