Interview with Dave Eggar

Here is the interview with Dave Eggar by Christian Lamitschka
Ch.L.: Country Music has many new fans in Europe, who may be hearing about you for the first time. How would you describe yourself and the music you play to someone who has never seen or heard you before.
Dave Eggar: I consider my music to be a form of Extreme Crossover. A powerful and expressive collision of Classical music, Folk Music , blue-grass, and rock. My voice is the cello and I see my playing as a fusion of Jasha Heifitz, Jimi Hendrix, Chubby Wise, and John Coltrane.
In my early career I trained at the Juilliard school and toured as solo cello virtuoso, but I was obssessed with Appalachian Music, Grunge Rock, and Jazz. One of my first classical music teachers was the famous composer Aaron Copland. He instilled in me a love of Bluegrass and American Folk Music. Shortly after I left Lincoln Center I found myself playing with artists such as the Who, Michael Brecker, Evanescence Josh Groban, Coldplay and many contemporary rock and jazz and bluegrass projects. These incredible artists help to shape and develop my style. My Band, Deoro, is a high energy power trio featuring Drummer Chuck Palmer and Bassist Tom Pirozzi.
Ch.L.: How was the last year for you? What were the highlights?
Dave Eggar: We have had a truly incredible year. My Band Deoro and I just returned from two months of touring in Southeast Asia. In addition to the incredibly warm audiences and exciting high energy shows, We had the unique opportunity to travel to the Bukidnon region of Mindanao*(the southernmost island of the Philippines) to collaborate with the Talaandig tribe and string instrument virtuoso Wawai Sawai, learning their 2000 year old “fiddling” traditions and recording with them. Our travels have also taken us to Kingston Jamaica 4 times this year to record and create at Tuff Gong Studios and to work with the For Jamaica charity writing with and supporting orphans in the hills of the island; and to Appalachia to work with the legendary Dr. Ralph Stanley and the Clinch Mountain Boys. We also added James Luk and his team of Karate world champions to our shows at Lincoln Center and in Asia–to create a more theatrical Deoro show! Touring has been so much fun. It has also been incredible to bring to cello to parts of the world that have never heard it and to experience an audience hearing my instrument for the first time!
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