Domo music video on YouTube!!

You can watch the music video of Kitaro, Yoshida Brothers, David Arkenstone, Tao Of Sound, and more Domo, Daruma, Kanpai artists.
Click here to go to DOMO on youtube
We will upload more videos soon.
Please check this out!
Kitaro – Nagare No Naka De from Sunset (songs to end your day)

Kitaro – Floating Lotus from Sunrise (songs to start your day)

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2 Comments to Domo music video on YouTube!!

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  2. Nash says:

    whenever i here Kitaro it always reminds me of my 1st wife God rest her. The first time we heard him was on Bleeker st in NY outside of Bleeker Bobs the album “ki” was over the outside speakers what a great night what a great woman and what great experience. We also got to see Him live at Radio City music Hall unbeleivable show

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