Kitaro Harmony Festival Ticket Info.

Kitaro is going to perform at Harmony Festival 2010 in Santa Rosa in CA.
He will be conducting this year’s opening ceremony in a collaboration with Grand Master Tanaka and Dennis Banks.
STAGE: Harmony Main Stage (5:00PM)
Kitaro Official website

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3 Comments to Kitaro Harmony Festival Ticket Info.

  1. rahadi sutoyo says:

    Kitaro’s music is my personal pray. More than Yanni, Kitaro lead me to the right hand of my Allah. May I ? Okay ?

  2. Sue Toscano says:

    Any chance Kitaro may make it to the east coast anytime soon?

  3. Joan LaMarra says:

    I remember seeing Kitaro live in Ann Arbor, Michigan over 17 – 20 years ago. I still can feel the music!!!!