Yoshida Brothers Interview by Askew

Yoshida Brothers will be performing at Otakon 2010 that takes place in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
Date : July 30
Venue : Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Here is the interview with Yoshida Brothers by Askew
The Yoshida Brothers are not your typical rock stars. There is no air of pretention, no heavy eyeliner or dyed hair, no “grudge against the world”. In fact, I’m not even sure they are rock stars. Brothers Ryoichiro and Kenichi don’t quite fit the mould but they are headlining this year’s Otakon, following in the leather-booted footsteps of L’Arc~en~Ciel, and Mucc. It’s certainly an unusual choice. Curious? Maybe we should let them take it from here…
“The instrument we play is called “Tsugaru Shamisen”, starts Ryoichiro, “which originated in Aomori, Japan about 120 years ago. [Traditional] Shamisen has been popular in Japanese music for the past 500 years but Tsugaru Shamisen is a rhythmical instrument with a unique performance method, playing a role in both melody as well as percussion.”
Kenichi elaborates, “We are Tsugaru Shamisen performers who create and perform songs with unique and free ideas, updating traditional music for a new generation. We place great value on passing on the tradition to the new generation.”

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