Yoshida Brothers US Tour 2010

Yoshida Brothers is coming back to the U.S. in 2010!!
7/30 Baltimore, MD (Otakon)
Otakon website
2010. 08. 01. Washington DC
2010. 08. 03. New York, NY
2010. 08. 05. Boston, MA
2010. 08. 07. Chicago, IL
2010. 08. 10. San Francisco, CA
2010. 08. 11. San Francisco, CA
2010. 08. 12. San Francisco, CA
2010. 08. 14. Los Angeles, CA
(We will announce venue and times soon)
Please check their tour info and go to their live !!
Yoshida Brothers Official website

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  1. PA says:

    Can you add me to your email list and send updated information on ALL Artiste affiliated with DOMO RECORDS, INC. performing in LA.

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