Kitaro Perform at Harmony Festival 2010

Kitaro is going to perform at Harmony Festival 2010 in Santa Rosa in CA.
He will be conducting this year’s opening ceremony in a collaboration with Grand Master Tanaka and Dennis Banks.
STAGE: Harmony Main Stage (5:00PM)
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Dennis Banks
Grand Master Tanaka
The theme for this year’s opening ceremony commemorates the 150th anniversary of the arrival of the Japanese Kanrin Maru on San Francisco bay. Harmony Festival CEO Howard “Bo” Sapper says, ” These nautical pioneers shared a spirit of adventure, openness and respect for all mankind, a philosophy which is also embedded in the roots and mission of Harmony Festival.”
As Kitaro explains, “Our ceremony will unite the voice of the heart with the voice of the earth, and open our mind to the peaceful energy within us all, in a spirit of Harmony.” This ceremony is sacred yet joyful, commemorative yet inspiring, historical yet timeless.
To Grand Master Tanaka, Taiko drumming can be expressed in one word—-heartbeat. “We listen to it before we are born—it is instinctive.” Harmony Festival programming director Sean Ahearn agrees, saying, “The message of this opening ceremony will be harmony, manifested through the musical vibration of sacred drums, signifying the unification of all beings through one collective, vibrating, pulsating heartbeat.”
The Harmony Festival attracts a health and ecologically conscious audience throughout Northern California and increasingly across the west coast.
Comprised largely of “Cultural Creatives” who actively support the burgeoning Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) movement, this demographic represents one of the fastest growing markets i North America with attendees largely coming from the North Bay counties of Sonoma/Napa/Marin often sited as one of the most affluent and socially progressive regions in the entire country.
The festival also draws heavily from the urban centers of San Francisco, Berkeley/Oakland, and Sacramento/Davis, as well as San Jose/Santa Cruz/Monterey areas to the south and Mendocino and Humboldt counties, north to the Oregon border.

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