New Release – Shigaraki Yaki

Shigaraki ware is fired in one of “The Six Old Kilns” in Japan. Its long history began in the 13th century.
Shigaraki pottery and stoneware is made in the Shigaraki area of Japan. This region is characterized by rich soil which has enabled this long tradition to continue. It is made of Gairome clay, Kibushi clay, and Mizuchi clay. The pottery of Shigaraki emits a bold aroma of earth unlike any other.
The artisans of Shigaraki ware take pride in following the traditions set before them to create their beautiful pieces. The single chambered structure of the kiln climbs the slope of a hillside, set just right so the the fire and smoke rise through the kiln, coloring each piece to perfection. Before lighting the kiln each time, a pray is sent to the god of fire and then the kiln is light at the bottom. Wood fuel must be supplied constantly, day and night, in order to achieve temperatures high enough to fire the clay. This assimilation of history and environment is what makes Shigaraki ware unique.
The enchantment of Shigaraki represents a simple texture of soil and the force of fertile soil.
Kuro Gin Sai (Reversible)
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Haku Suishou Hirabachi
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Ko Shigaraki Cup
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Spring Festival: Ochazuke Bowl
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