New Release – Sunrise and Sunset album

Domo Records presents a new series of theme compilations, Sunrise Vol. 1 – Songs to Start Your Day. This CD features a collection of 10 carefully selected new age and classical tracks from the eclectic Domo catalog. “Sunrise” will lift your spirits and wake up your soul, and essentially become your companion for those early hours of the day when we all need a little helping hand to start up. The album will take you through the phases of a sunrise through the vision of each unique Domo artist that is featured. Welcome the brand new day with this tasteful blend of exceptional songs that will surely enrich your day.
Track List
01. Wind And Water by Kitaro
02. Devotion by Stephen DeRuby
03. Tempest by Dave Eggar
04. Peace Through Kindness by Nawang Khechog
05. Main Theme Nile by Jean-Francois Maljean
06. Dance Of Sarasvati by Kitaro
07. Moresca by Benedetti & Svoboda
08. Angel by Dave Eggar
09. Floating Lotus by Kitaro
10. Silhouette In The Rain by Akiko Kosaka

In contrast to the Sunrise album, Sunset Vol. 1 – Songs to End Your Day is created to help wind down your day and ease any tension you may feel in your head or your heart. Featuring 10 songs by notable Domo artists such as Kitaro, Dave Eggar and Stephen DeRuby, this soothing collection will take your mind off of the busy world and allow you to indulge in the peaceful ambience created by these artists. In your car driving back from a long day, at your patio winding down with a glass of wine, or in your bedroom as you relax and prepare for the next day – wherever the location may be, “Sunset” will be the perfect soundtrack to tranquilize any stress and close the curtains to your day.
Track List
01. Sleeping Woman by Luis Perez
02. Floating by Dave Eggar
03. Infinity by Stephen DeRuby
04. As The Wind Blows by Jean-Francois Maljean
05. Sueno by Benedetti & Svoboda
06. Sorrow’s Call
07. Nagare No Naka De by Kitaro
08. Hana by Fumio
09. Air by Johann Sebastian Bach
10. Spiritual Garden by Kitaro

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