METROPOLIS Original Soundtrack (2002) by Toshiyuki Honda



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Based on the classic comic by legendary illustrator Osamu Tezuka, Metropolis is being brought to the screen by two of the most respected figures in Japanese animation today (Katsuhiro Otomo and Rintaro).
Metropolis is a futuristic story of the ageless class struggle, not amongst humans, but between humans and the humanoid, set in a futuristic city at the height of its civilization. Spectacularly rendered in its visual style, it combines the best in Japanese animation with the latest in digital technology.
Domo Records is proud to present the original soundtrack composed by Toshiyuki Honda. The music blends the New Orleans, Dixie style jazz with classical music.
Song List
01. Metropolis
02. Foreboding
03. Ziggurat
04. Going to “Zone”
05. Sniper
06. El Bombero
07. Three-Faced of “Zone”
08. “Zone” Rhapsody
09. Hide Out
10. Run
11. St James Infirmaryv 12. Sympahty
13. Snow
14. Propaganda
15. Chase
16. Judgment
17. Awakening
18. Fury
19. After All
20. There’ll Never Be Good-bye

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