New Release – [VINYL] Kojiki (2009) by Kitaro

LIMITED EDITION / 12 Inch LP Record (180 Gram Vinyl)
Domo is proud to re-release two landmark works by New Age pioneer Kitaro, for the ?rst time in 180 gram vinyl. Both Impressions of the West Lake and Kojiki are vivid representations of this visionary artist’s indelible sound. Universally acknowledged as the founding architect of New Age music, Kitaro’s various sound collaborations and resonant, multi-textured compositions truly defy the constraints of any genre. The Grammy- and Golden Globe-winning artist has garnered global acclaim over his lengthy career with a signature sound and an innovative fusion of cultures, techniques and spheres of consciousness that are truly his own.
Kojiki is an inspired musical journey based on the ancient chronicle (Kojiki) that recounts the birth of Japan and its people. Featuring the string section from the Skywalker Symphony, along with Kitaro’s signature keyboard and ? ute sounds, the score to this thematic backdrop is full of passion and beauty that is masterfully conceived, arranged and performed. Kojiki is an intimate journey to inner realms as well as exotic earthly destinations. This is a tour de force for Kitaro and his ensemble, offering drama, grace, and humanity, performed with a profound spirit in this musical adaptation of legends from traditional Japanese folklore.
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Song List
01.  Hajimari
02. Sozo
03. Koi
04. Orochi
05. Nageki
06. Matsuri
07. Reimei

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