3 more CDs of JABBERLOOP

We are happy to announce that we release 3 more CDs of JABBERLOOP
include new album.
Live At Motion Blue Yokohama (11/25/2009 Japan)

01. Re:Loop
02. Here We Go!!
03. Revenge Of The Space Monster
04. The Art Of Blakey
05. Sublime Legend
06. Synesthesia
07. Emozione
08. LowbitFunk
09. Ugetsu
10. Last Day Of Winter
11. With All My Love,
12. Fly With The Wind
13. Missing My Bird
Ooparts 8/5/2009 (Japan)

01. Area51
02. Crystal Skull
03. Play Of Sun
04. Bermuda Triangle
05. Golden Jet
06. Fish In The Sky
07. Fiesta
08. Behind The Wind (Heavygrinder remix)
Check This Out!! 3/18/2009 (Japan)

01. Piano de B dash
02. With All My Love
03. Revenge Of The Space Monster
04. Synesthesia
05. Fly With The Wind
06. LowbitFunk
07. Emozione
08. Shirokuma
09. Last Day Of Winter
10. Here We Go!!
11. White Out
12. End Of The Path
13. Sublime Legend

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