Kitaro NEW release at the DOMO Digital Store!!

Kitaro’s “Digital Box Set” has been released at the DOMO Digital Store.
Kitaro’s “Digital Box Set” includes 40 featured songs and single music video (“Koi” from Kojiki: A Story of Concert DVD)
Go check the Track List

Disc 1
01. Winds Blow Over The Hill
02. Estrella
03. Koi
04. The Field
05. Spirit Of The West Lake
06. Theme From Silk Road
07. Nageki
08. Dance Of Sarasvati
09. Caravansary
10. Heaven And Earth
Disc 2
01. Oasis
02. Matsuri
03. Sundance
04. Into The Forest
05. Nagare No Naka De
06. As The Wind Blows
07. Fiesta
08. The Scroll Is Read
09. A Passage Of Life
10. Kokoro
Disc 3
01. Inner Lights
02. Mercury
03. Shizuku
04. The Bottom Of The Sky
05. Reimei
06. Planet
07. Wave Of Sand
08. Thinking Of You
09. The Wind
10. Lady Of Dreams
Disc 4
01. End Theme Beyond
02. Spirit Of Harp
03. Crystal Tears
04. Aqua
05. Tenku
06. Daichi
07. Wind And Water
08. Itonami
09. Mori No Tami
10. Wood Fairy
A Bonus Music Video
- Kitaro Koi (from Kojiki – A Story In Concert DVD)

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